The Evie Dove Foundation

Our purpose is to help sick children and save young lives by sponsoring the education and training of talented and passionate paediatric medical professionals.  Who, with our help and financial support, will develop their skills and expertise to provide cutting edge medical and pastoral care when children and their families need it most.

This is beautiful Evie Dove, aged Forever 13. Diagnosed with a brain tumour in April 2021 and tragically lost her battle with cancer only a year later in March 2022. She fought a battle no child should have to fight, a most aggressive cancer…she never ever complained, just lived life to the full with a sparkle in her heart. She was the bravest, kindest, caring soul, she lit up the room and hospital wards with her beautiful infectious smile and cheeky, happy laughs and giggles. She always told everyone she met they looked beautiful and spread kindness like no other. The Evie Dove Foundation is in honour and memory of Evie Dove, forever thirteen.
We thank you for your support and donations. 

Why we set up The Evie Dove Foundation

In April 2021 our beautiful daughter Evie was diagnosed with a brain tumour, and over the next 11 months she and we as a family battled through brain surgeries, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and cutting edge immunotherapy.

Her spirit, humour and love of life never waned but despite moving mountains we could not save her. As her legacy, she inspired us and our trustees to set up The Evie Dove Foundation to sponsor and support the further education of young medical professionals in paediatric care to go on and help thousands of children in the future and save many lives.

Through the foundation’s work we seek purpose and to honour our beautiful Evie and all she stood for.

The Evie Dove Foundation

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About the Foundation

The Foundation is being set up for the benefit of sick children and their families, focusing on the advancement of children’s health and the saving of children’s lives and pastoral care of families going through traumatic experiences. In particular the Foundation will issue grants and awards to help advance those working in, or returning to, paediatric care in UK hospitals, through education, to perform more senior and influential roles in paediatric health care and by doing so help to contribute more to the care of sick children and their families in the UK. This also helps address a serious shortfall in the paediatric workforce in the UK.

We intend to select, sponsor and support incredible individuals driven by a desire to care for children and their families.

Meet the Team

We are delighted to have a team of professional and passionate Trustees, friends and supporters, all giving their time and expertise on a voluntary basis to build The Evie Dove Foundation into a real force of good. With skills covering finance, commercial negotiation, human resources, event management, sales, marketing and social media we are confident we will be able to deliver on our purpose to help thousands of children who need expert paediatric care via the professionals we sponsor. If you are interested in helping out, running an event or feel your skills could benefit our mission please do get in touch.

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