Funding Applications

The Evie Dove Foundation raises money to help the career progression of those working in Paediatrics through training, awarding grants and bursaries to help fund tuition and maintenance fees.

Successful applicants will be chosen by evidencing their track record to date in paediatrics and for their proven empathy and care in looking after sick children and their families.

The Foundation honours the memory of beautiful Evie Dove, a happy, kind and caring 13 year old girl, a friend to all she met, who received such love and expert care from the teams at Kings and locally, at the QEQM in Margate.

Evie lost her battle to cancer in March 2022, despite the very best efforts of all who cared for her.

Always loved, never forgotten.


The Foundation will accept applications from existing paediatric professionals at any level (or those returning to paediatrics), who need help in funding education that allows them to progress their Paediatric Career. This will include those remaining in the employment of their existing Hospital or medical facility, or those leaving full time employment to pursue a relevant qualification (such as a degree in Nursing).

The trustees reserve the right in each year to limit funding in certain areas as the intention is to support a broad range of activities, hospital trusts, courses and clinical disciplines by doing so we ensure we are spreading our impact / reach as far as possible. As a result we will be unlikely to support multiple applications for the same course and/or in the same clinical area in a single year. If you’d like to check before applying, please do email us at

The Foundation is primarily set up to fund the further development and enhancement of clinical skills and expertise in paediatric care. Whilst we understand the importance of wider skills (such as leadership or education) in furthering paediatric care, our mission is to support the development of clinical skills for those staff directly involved in the frontline care of sick children to enable these staff to progress their clinical careers. If you are uncertain whether the course you are interested in fits our criteria, then please do drop us a line ahead of completing an application and we’d be happy to advise.

Funding will be available for tuition fees and / or maintenance / living fees.

Applicants will be chosen based on the following criteria;

  1. A supporting statement evidencing their passion and commitment to the treatment of sick children and how they plan to develop their career.
  2. An ability to provide objective and independent evidence of how they demonstrate empathy and compassion in the treatment of sick children and their families – i.e. testimonials
  3. A statement from their line manager supporting the individual’s compassionate nature and passion in child healthcare, alongside details of how their chosen training directly supports their career progression in paediatric medicine.
  4. Commitment to support the Foundation in our fundraising goals and assistance in promoting the benefits of the Foundation and the tangible impact on their careers.

Applicants will need to be able to provide;

  1. Confirmation that funding is necessary to complete the course and not available elsewhere.
  2. Preliminary acceptance on an appropriate course within the next funding cycle (run annually from January to December).

Your Role in the Foundation

Following a successful application for funding, the Foundation Trustees, and potentially key sponsors of the Foundation, would want to meet those receiving funding at a small number of events through the funding year.

This may include telling your story, explaining your career goals and how the Foundation is helping you, and, on occasion, speaking to key sponsors.

The Foundation would also expect successful applicants to help promote the work of the Foundation ( This would include writing updates for the Foundation’s website, specifically a write up of their training journey, assisting with social media posts on their progress and sharing how the Foundation’s funding is helping their career to develop and how that is helping sick children and their families.