Matt Paxton


Gameweek 38

So here we go….  The final Gameweek of the 22/23 Evie Dove Foundation Fantasy Football League……. It all comes down to this……….. Evie Dove Foundation FF League In the leagueContinue reading

Gameweek 37

Well, well, well……………….just when you think it’s all over bar the shouting, and then in the closing minutes of the last game of the gameweek, it all gets shaken up!!Continue reading

Gameweek 36

Three Game Weeks to go……and it’s all looking very good for ‘Studley Constable FC’ in the Evie Dove Foundation League, surging 45 points ahead of ‘Siuuuu you later’, with 2404Continue reading

Gameweek 35

Wow…..that was quite a week……we had been building up to Double Gameweek 34 for several weeks and it did not disappoint!!…….And as predicted we have some new contenders for theContinue reading

Gameweek 34

So here we go, it’s another quick turnaround, and more importantly it’s quite possibly a season defining DOUBLE GAMEWEEK, for Brighton, Fulham, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, and West Ham.Continue reading

Gameweek 33

Wow, it’s a quick turnaround, so here we go again!………… Just in case you can’t keep up since I was last in touch, a quick update on your fellow managers………….Continue reading

Gameweek 32

GW31 is behind us, with impressive away wins for Brighton, Liverpool, Bournemouth and Palace, where ‘Sunglasses’ Roy is getting a real tune out of his talented young players who areContinue reading

Gameweek 31

Right, big Gameweek coming up, and lots of prize money still at stake.  Heres a quick recap on where we are in the Evie Dove Foundation League……. £300 top prizeContinue reading

Gameweek 30

Well I told you to get those Bench Boost chips ready and you did not disappoint…..!!!  It was a momentous week for the Evie Dove Foundation League, with all theContinue reading

Gameweek 29

And there we have it…….28 Gameweeks into the season and finally a manager has stuck his head above the parapet and said what we’ve all been thinking about our teams….selfish,Continue reading

Gameweek 28

Well that was a big week, all of you that loaded on DGW Brighton and Brentford players were made to wait, but duly rewarded on Wednesday night, especially the 30Continue reading

Gameweek 27

So you wait all season to play your wildcard…… finally you roll the dice…… at last you can get shot of those Liverpool players that have been costing you soContinue reading

Gameweek 25

Gameweek 24 was a low scoring one with an average of 44 points, commiserations to over 70% of you that captained Haaland, who missed an absolute sitter for a 4 pointContinue reading

Gameweek 24

Well farewell Gameweek 23, a week full of VAR controversies, PGMOL apologies, chaotic defending (pick your favourite moment between Bednarek’s fantastically comical own goal, Castagne rounding Ward and almost shootingContinue reading

Gameweek 23

Here we go again, what a Double Gameweek 22 that was! As anticipated ‘Dom is below me’ faced an onslaught of Triple Captain Chips, with 24 of you throwing yourContinue reading

Gameweek 22

Anyone remember GW21?? If not, basically it all boiled down to that man again………Erling Haaland………normal service resumed….. 20 touches…..3 goals……….If you were amongst the 76% of teams in our leagueContinue reading

Gameweek 21

Another breathtaking Premier League Gameweek is behind us, and this season just keeps on delivering, this big double gameweek opened with a cracking game full of controversy, with United turningContinue reading

Gameweek 20

It’s another crazy turnaround between Fulham v Chelsea last night and Aston Villa v Leeds tonight – your DEADLINE is 18:30 this evening and it’s a big double gameweek soContinue reading