Family Trees by Evie’s Grandma Jen

Jen Hall (Evie’s Grandma)


Have you always wanted to know more about your family history? Well, I’m Jenny, Evie’s grandma, and I’d be delighted to create a family tree for you, for a suggetsed donation of £50 to the Evie Dove Foundation. I have a keen interest in geneaology and lots of experience of researching family trees. I’d love to help you find out more about your family history and raise money in memory of my beautiful grand daughter. There are some records that I can’t access due to a 10 year privacy stop or records that haven’t been digitized. To date, those that I have come across are Northern Ireland, New Zealand, Italy, Greece, Malta and St Kitts and Nevis (and probably other Caribbean countries). If you are unsure before donating, please email and they will check for you. If you’d like me to create your family tree and raise money for this great Foundation, please make your donation and aensure that you don’t sign up as ‘anonymous’ – please include your details on the donation. The Foundation will then contact you by email to connect us so I can begin the research into your family.


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