Corporate Partnerships

Thank you so much for your interest in supporting The Evie Dove Foundation. With your help we can all make a real difference in the delivery of life saving medical care for sick children and their families.

Our purpose

The Evie Dove Foundation has been established to advance the education and training of paediatric nurses, doctors and consultants. There is a national shortage of talented paediatric staff and we intend to do all we can to help.  

Each year the Foundation will invite applications from existing paediatric employees who wish to progress in their field, for example nursing assistants training to be nurses, or nurses training for specialist roles, such as nurse practitioners.

The Foundation will help fund tuition and/or maintenance fees – and successful applicants will be measured on their track record to date and importantly the ability to evidence proven empathy with patients and their families.

We plan to focus on Kings College Hospital who delivered excellent and expert care to Evie and the regional ‘feeder’ hospitals of Kings in the South East of England – such as QEQM and William Harvey Hospital.

We are doing all we can to honour Evie in her own courageous battle against cancer and brain tumour.  She was such a kind, caring little girl and would be so proud of the Foundation she has inspired. Through this work, her legacy lives on and we can make a genuine difference to thousands of sick children.

How could you get involved?

We are open to ideas and keen to hear your own thoughts, but here’s a couple of suggestions that we could work together on.

Donations can either go into the main fundraising account or your business/organisation could sponsor a specific medical professional throughout their education and training. There are various ways we can make your generous donations very tangible and fulfilling for everyone that gets involved – so here are a few ideas:

“Give as you earn”

This is where a regular monthly donation can be made via your employees’ salaries. This would come out as a salary sacrifice, both tax efficient for the individual and a great way of maximising donations to the charity. We can advise on how best to set this up via your payroll and/or employee benefits provider.  We would also be very happy to look at a series of rewards/prizes/gifts to team members who contribute as a way of saying thank you. 

Choose us as your company’s nominated charity.

Some companies like to nominate a charity of choice to get behind whereby any donations from customers, staff or partners and corporate donations could be allocated to the Foundation.  We can create your own donations landing page/s and embed this in your own website, social media, or internal intranet so that you can keep track of all donations via a dedicated totaliser.

Run/host specific fundraising events and activities.

If you would like to run social and/or sporting events to fundraise for the Foundation we would be delighted to help in recommending ideas and our team can provide an appropriate level of event management. We’ve seen Quiz nights, Karaoke, Oktoberfest, sponsored runs, walks, swims and bike rides all work brilliantly to bring employees and their families together.

We can provide donation pages and booking systems for event / participation tickets. We would gladly provide merchandise for you too, such as T-shirts, balloons, bags… well anything we can brand up we are happy to consider!

Sponsor our official Foundation events.

We will be running our own sponsored walk in 2023 around Hythe in Kent, along the beautiful canal paths and coast with a celebratory finishers event and party. We would welcome sponsorship of this, whether this be for participant T-shirts, water bottles, food/drink stops, finisher medals and the party at the end!  Your company logo can take pride of place in our promotions and merchandise for any events like this. Your team can be provided with priority entry into Foundation events.

Auction and raffle prizes for our annual party.

Each year we will be running a celebration and party fundraiser. This will include an Auction and Raffle where prizes can be donated and/or sponsored. Tables to attend the event can be purchased. Let us know if you are interested in the 2023 event.

The next steps

In return for your support we would be delighted to provide you with our logos and brand guidelines for your own promotion and association with The Evie Dove Foundation.  For larger sponsors we will feature you and your efforts in relevant social media posts and on our website. We would publish case studies with examples of great events and fundraiser results, backed up by mutual PR releases. 

Our team of Trustees and the medical professionals we sponsor will also be delighted to come in to talk to your team about our mission, our progress and the difference your support is making.  This can form part of your ESG programmes.

Get in touch

Thank you so much for your interest, it will be fantastic to build long term strategic partnerships with some key sponsors as we develop the Foundation together.

For any details please do get in touch with us at

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