Fantasy Football

TEDF Fantasy Football


The 23/24 Evie Dove Foundation Fantasy Football League was a huge success with over 200 teams raising over £3,000 to sponsor Rowen Seglah, one of our incredible Heroes, and generating a £1,000 prize fund!

In 24/25 we go again! We will have loads of prizes to suit all skill levels, even one for the team that does absolutely nothing all year and gets the highest score – perfect for non-football fans!!

Please make your donation below (minimum of £10 for the entire season), give us your email address, and then we will send you the code for the league as soon as it is available (and a simple how to guide if you are a new player).

Please also persuade other players in your other mini-leagues to join in! It’s great value, you have an excellent chance of winning a prize, and you are contributing to a fantastic cause – what’s not to like?!

Thanks so much for getting involved