22/23 Round Up

So that’s it, we are done – the inaugural Evie Dove Foundation Fantasy Football League is complete – thank you all so much for taking part, we really do hope you have enjoyed it.

Let’s start with the main story of the season…..

…..’Clatts FC’……….

As you know (…..well all of you except for ‘Clatts’), this incredible team has been on a season-long quest to make history……..attempting to achieve the target of 1950 points (an average of over 51 points a week) using only the 15 players selected back in August 2022….. 

………and I am delighted to announce that ‘Clatts’, despite only having 8 players on the pitch including Mitrovic with a minus 1, got 39 points in GW38 delivering an overall total of 

1959 points!!!!!!!!!! 

…..Absolutely amazing, very, very well done ‘Clatts’, especially as well as making no transfers, not a single chip was played either – so that’s neither of the wildcards, no World Cup Free Transfers, no Triple Captain, no Bench Boost, no Free Hit! 

‘Clatts FC’ you are the very deserving winner of the £125 ‘Fewest Transfers’ Prize. Congratulations, and take your place in the Evie Dove Foundation Fantasy Football Hall of Fame! 

A special mention also to our old favourite ‘Redmen’, who was also gunning for the ‘Fewest Transfers’ title, however the bold strategy of recruiting players that were bound for foreign lands, sadly did not pay off………. meaning ‘Redmen’ trailed in over 600 points behind ‘Clatts FC’! Better luck next season ‘Redmen’, and thanks for all the memories…..you are a legend 🙂

As for the league, you will recall that it was really down to two teams ‘Studley Constable FC’ and ‘Siuuuu you later’, going into the final gameweek separated by 23 points. 

The big question was could ‘Siuuuu’ find that key differential? As I said there was one out there that would make the difference, albeit you’d have been hard pushed to pluck Granit Xhaka out!! 

For a short while things were getting interesting with ‘Siuuuu’ outscoring ‘Studley’ in the gameweek powered by captain Kane (32 points) v captain Salah (10 points), however in the end ‘Studley’ had just enough in the tank to hold on for a very impressive league victory, a massive total of 2624 points, in the end beating ‘Siuuu’ by 13 points.

Very well played both of you, both inside the top 8k in the world – that is some achievement out of 11.5 million teams! The overall winner got 2776 points, so that’s your target to aim for next season!!

So, congratulations ‘Studley Constable FC’, you are the proud winner of the £300 top prize, just think what you could do if you actually spent any time researching your team!!

In the Evie Dove Foundation Cup, it quickly became clear that ‘Forest in the Prem!’ exertions from the previous week when they toppled the mighty ‘Studley Constable FC’ had taken their toll, and sadly they just did not show up on Cup Final day, their 9 man team delivering a paltry return as they were brushed aside by a confident ‘Dirty Martinez’ team powered by Kane and Fernandes ……

Very well played ‘Dirty Martinez’, you recovered well from the heartache of losing the Triple Captain prize in GW36, congratulations on your Cup victory and  £150 prize!

Moving on,  the votes are in for best team name and I am delighted to announce that the winner of the 22/23 Best Team Name is……..

………’Scamaccaroni Cheese’ congratulations, your ingenuity has won you the £50 top prize, without even kicking a ball!!

Meanwhile please step forward our other winners

Best Free Hit – ‘R’s Ez dub’ – congratulations on your £125 ‘Best Free Hit’ prize from Gameweek 25, when Arsenal trio Martinelli, Saka and Odergaard combined to deliver 65 of your 130 point haul……

Best Triple Captain – ‘J to the B’, an incredible late Callum Wilson powered surge, waiting until GW36 to notch an impressive 139 points, and land the £125 prize……..

Best Non Triple Captain GW – with the top gameweek score of the entire season we have ‘Romford Rejects’ and ‘Nov’s Nomads’, splitting the £125 prize with their massive Bench Boost powered 147 points from GW29. Well done to both of you.

So that’s it……..the 22/23 Evie Dove Foundation Fantasy Football League is complete

Thank you to all of you for taking part.

Thank you to Feefo for providing the £1k prize fund.

We will be in touch with all the winners to make your prize presentations!!

I am also pleased to announce that we will be running the league again next year, and we would love to make it bigger and better, so if you play in other mini leagues please do everything you can to encourage them to join us. Next year we are targeting 500 teams, I am sure you will agree it is great value and as you can see we have some amazing cash prizes available. 

More details to follow on the format of next year’s league and how to sign up.

For now, all the very best from all of us at the Evie Dove Foundation