Gameweek 17


Welcome back everybody!

Congratulations to all those Premier League based World Cup winners, who will be parading their medals around the training grounds at Manchester United, Tottenham, Manchester City, Aston Villa and Brighton, before quickly getting back to the real business of the Premier League.……..back to earth with a bump for many, not least for Alexis Mac Allister as he seeks to replicate those delightful intricate one touch one-twos with Danny Wellbeck……..

Now of course I know a lot of you may be quite busy over the next couple of days with last minute shopping, chopping, cooking, eating, drinking, rejoicing, arguing, biting your tongue, tolerating the in-laws, playing charades, sleeping in front of the tele etc etc, but DO NOT FORGET you need to set some time aside for FPL as you still have unlimited free transfers until 11:00 on Boxing Day Morning……..this is your big chance to deal with all those regrets from the first half of the season, abandon all those players that have repeatedly let you down, and bring in a shiny new squad, virtually guaranteed to power you up the Evie Dove Foundation League. Not only that but you will also automatically be entered into the Second Chance League – with only your results from GW17 onwards counting.

The other big news that we come back to, is the announcement of DOUBLE GAME WEEKS – Chelsea and Fulham in GW19 and Man City and Spurs in GW20…… things start to get serious, a great opportunity to rack up some massive hauls and reel in the likes of ‘Neil Madrid’ and ‘K.E.T.H UTD’ for those big cash prizes………

Just a reminder also that in the Evie Dove Foundation League you are playing for an incredible prize fund of………


Here’s the latest standings as at the end of GW 16

CategoryAs at GW16ScorePrize Fund
Overall WinnerRomford Rejects955£300
Best Non Triple Captain GWK.E.T.H UTD118£125
Best Triple Captain GWNeil Madrid94£125
Best Free HitTinchy Sneijder85£125
Best Team NameOne from
Jesus CreepersWondHaaland FCCrystal PellisScamaccaroni CheeseLoftus Cheeky-NandosChickenTikkaMoSalahNo goalo kanteOdergaardian angelsHaven’t Jota ClueMarcRashfood.comCancelo CultureEze Son-shineGros Mismanagement

During the break we also did a bit of a tot up on the running for the Fewest Transfers £125 prize fund – remember there are two criteria here

  1. You need to have made the fewest transfers (excluding transfers made on a wildcard, free hit, and during the World Cup unlimited transfers)
  1. You need to score a minimum of 1950 points over the course of the season (that’s an average of 51.3 points a week)

So here’s the current break down

We’ve got 12 teams who either through unbelievable foresight OR complete and utter apathy have made an amazing ZERO transfers….. ‘Come On’ are leading the charge – zero transfers and  768 points – that’s an average of 51.2 points a week so almost bang on target for the £125 prize fund. Amazingly ‘Come On’ have achieved this not only without making a gameweek transfer, but have also left their first Wildcard chip untouched – interesting to see if they’ve taken advantage of the unlimited transfers – to not do that would surely just be showboating!!??

Next in the zero transfers ranking, we’ve got ‘Clatts FC’ showing their legendary attention to the finer detail of the game, clocking in at 725 points (an average of 48.3 per week). Work to do to increase that average but definitely in the running.

Regular readers will also be delighted to hear news of Redmen – as we know a team somewhat averse to a transfer, refusing to buckle even when players move to sunnier climes or different leagues altogether – an admirable show of principle resulting, of course, in zero transfers…… however you need to up your game in the second half of the season Redmen if you are going to cash in on the £125 prize fund – average weekly score so far is only 35.5……..

Meanwhile at the other end of the scale, we’ve got some teams that have made only a handful of carefully selected transfers and that well on track for the 1950 points – nice work guys – take care for the rest of the season – every transfer will really have to count…………here’s a few of the runners and riders……..

  • ‘Loftus Cheeky Nandos’ – 2 transfers and 830 points (55.3 average)
  • ‘Dom is below me’ – 3 transfers and 843 points (56.2 average)
  • “Haven’t Jota Clue’ – 3 transfers and 772 points (51.5 average)
  • ‘Luca’ – 4 transfers and 808 points (53.9 average)
  • ‘Gangsters Allardyce’ – 4 transfers and 797 points (53.1 average)

So here we go – all to play for – let’s have a great second half of the season and gun for those cash prizes!! 

Good luck everyone, Merry Christmas from all of us at the Evie Dove Foundation, and have a great Boxing Day enjoying GW17!!