Gameweek 2

The new season is off and running!

125 teams in total in our league which we are absolutely delighted with. 

Sadly, it would appear, we are all less delighted with Harry Kane, this week’s most transferred out player as we all prepare for Haaland’s inevitable goalfest against Bournemouth – anyone out there not captaining this guy??

Talking of captains – what a triple captain powered gameweek from ‘Neil Madrid’ – 94 points not only tops our league, but also puts him in the top 0.1% of all 8.6m fantasy teams – incredible! 

‘Neil Madrid’ also put in an early bid for our £125 prize fund for ‘Best total team score in the week you play your Triple Captain’ – you all have the target to beat – use that chip wisely! 

For more information on the prizes click through to and scroll down to ‘Eligibility for Prizes’

In other news, there were of course the usual tales of woe that come hand in hand with Fantasy Football – one that made me smile was the team who at the last minute transferred out Zinchenko and Martinelli, and put Mitrovic on the bench. Those first two televised games must have made for painful watching! You know who you are – commiserations my friend!!

And something I have never seen before,  a minus figure in the total score column – congratulations ‘Redmen’ – this really is quite an achievement!!

Redmen minus points.png

Still quite a few teams signed up have not made a pledge – as I said last week it would be a real shame for them to miss out on a prize – if any of these teams are your friends, family, or colleagues please do give them a nudge.

Liam KehoeCheesy Iheanachos
Vishnu SAdo Ten Hag
Ewona OgidiOgidi Rovers
Avona Abdul-AzizFull force
Nathan UgwuLove, Nathan
Simon JWhats Scamacca You
Timothy ZaalGO MENTAL
Robson TrudgillThe Golden Mile
Dean HarveyDRV Dynamo
MPK SecondKalem Way
Adamu Muhannad AdamMagarya United
Holy MolyMocking bird fc
Araoyinbo Josiah OluwaseunWestland
Dan SmithThe Cesc Pistols
Henry Andrew56YEARSofHURT
Mudasir AlhassanaSSNIT
Will BrandObi Wan – Kenobi Nil
Dwayne BrownReal Sosobad
Mark BrewerFC Sparkey
Kevin LyttleNike-on-Arteta
Les WinchesterLes Boys
David NormanRosenior’s Rams
Chris NormanDom is below me
Dan CamilleDCFC
Dan MaltbyMaltby’s Marvels
Craig SmithSmithyhos

There is still time for other people to join too – we are keeping the league open for entries until 31st August so do keep passing it on to your friends in other mini- leagues – for just a £10 pledge, they get the chance to win up to £1k in prizes. 

All the best for gameweek 2 everyone and thanks again from all of us at the Evie Dove Foundation.