Gameweek 27

So you wait all season to play your wildcard…… finally you roll the dice…… at last you can get shot of those Liverpool players that have been costing you so dear…………and then it’s just a case of sitting back and waiting for the points to roll in……..well that was the theory for twenty wildcard teams in our league who must have been watching through their fingers as the Reds smashed in seven against Utd – thought I’d mention it just in case you, like Luke Shaw, were not around when that game was being played!

Other than that not a great deal happened in GW26…….. in fact the most notable talking point was the subs bench………

….Bruno Fernandes led the charge practically begging to get on there, and likewise many others in the Evie Dove Foundation League were also desperate to leave as many points as possible in reserve…….with  Gakpo (14), Mac Allister (14), Mitoma (13), Darwin (12), Ward (11) all featuring……

However that is just the tip of the iceberg…….step forward two teams that excelled themselves……..the first was ‘Puyol Pants Down’… addition to missing out on Wards penalty save and the 11 points that came with it, ‘Puyol’ was the only team in our league to make the mistake of benching Salah – a painful 21 points went begging!! 

However…….. it gets worse……….‘Goals of Mischief’……..please take centre stage………. Having had a massive GW25 and breaking into the top ten, prompting speculation that a charge for the top of the table was coming……..’Mischief’ came crashing back down to earth, with the low score of the week, and on top of that achieving the almost impossible feat of the Bench beating the Team!! 

Bench  – Ward (11), Mitoma (13), and Botman (1) – 25 points

Team – including minus 1’s from both Shaw and Dalot – 22 points!!!!

You have our condolences ‘Goals of Mischief’, that must have hurt!! Moving onto happier news, congratulations to all of you that kept faith with Salah, and especially to the six of you that captained him – special mentions to the aptly named ‘No Mane, Mo problem’ with 96 points, and ‘Run of the Milner’ with 84 points, cracking scores in a GW in which the average was 43.

However top performer of the week has to be ‘Champagne Pepe’, with 80 points powering them into second place, just 10 points behind our leader ‘Siuuuu you later’ – it’s hotting up in the race for the £300 top prize, just shows all it takes is one big GW to put you right into contention, could GW27 be your week? It’s a Double Gameweek for Brentford, Brighton, Crystal Palace and Southampton, so the points are out there somewhere!! Oh and don’t forget that in GW28, Liverpool, Man Utd, Man City and Brighton will all be blanking, so start making a plan, unless of course you are one of the lucky ones with a Free Hit Chip!

Good luck everyone and all the best from all of us at the Evie Dove Foundation.

CategoryAs at GW26ScorePrize Fund
Overall WinnerSiuuuu you later1692£300
Best Non Triple Captain GWK.E.T.H UTD118£125
Best Triple Captain GWCheesy Iheanachos & MBF115£125
Best Free HitR’s Ez dub
Gylos Galacticos
Best Team NameOne from
Jesus CreepersWondHaaland FCCrystal PellisScamaccaroni CheeseLoftus Cheeky-NandosChickenTikkaMoSalahNo goalo kanteOdergaardian angelsHaven’t Jota ClueMarcRashfood.comCancelo CultureEze Son-shineGros MismanagementSiuuuu you later