Gameweek 31

Right, big Gameweek coming up, and lots of prize money still at stake. 

Heres a quick recap on where we are in the Evie Dove Foundation League…….

£300 top prize

 ‘Studley Constable FC’ continue to move gracefully and ominously through the gears, ManCityesque. They’ve opened up a 25 point lead over ‘Crystal Pellis’, with ‘Hotel? Thiago?’ tucked in a couple of points behind. Each of them has a Free Hit chip left……….what’s your style guys – play it defensively in GW32, or go for broke in GW34?? The whole season could pivot around these two gameweeks!

A special GW30 mention too for ‘404: Team Not Found’ and ‘Gangsters Allardyce’, a gameweek high score of 80 points, nice work both of you.

Best Triple Captain GW – £125

‘MBF’ and ‘Cheesy Iheanachos’ currently share first place on 115 points………..however 50 of these tasty Chips remain………, it’s gonna be an uneasy GW34 for ‘Cheesy’ and ‘MBF’ with a Double Gameweek for Haaland against West Ham & Fulham to look forward to!! 

Best Non Triple Captain GW – £125

‘Romford Rejects’ & ‘Nov’s Nomads’ are currently sharing the spoils on 147 points, but again GW34 could be a key one, especially if you’ve got the Bench Boost still knocking around?

Top Free Hit Score – £125

Back to the aforementioned Free Hit chip, ‘R’s Ez dub’ – remains in the lead on 130 points……however over 60 teams in our league still have to roll the dice, so choose your week carefully…….once again GW34 could be massive!!

Lowest number of transfers (minimum total points tally of 1950) – £125

I’ve done a quick tot up and amazingly we still have twelve teams that have not made a single transfer all season, but pick of the bunch are ‘Clatts FC’,  top of the ‘zero transfer’ pile with 1517 points, meaning they are on track to hit the required minimum of 1950 points. Great to see ‘Clatts’ still playing it cool and letting their experience take care of things……..literally all you need to do between now and the end of the season is absolutely nothing, and you could be a whole £125 better off!! 

Best Team Name – £50

Fourteen teams are in the running, but there is still time to come up with a cracking new name before we make the final vote!!

Evie Dove Foundation Cup  – Announcing a new prize fund of £150

It starts in GW31 everyone, and there can only be one winner!!!

Every week your team will be pitted against one of your rivals in our league. If you outscore your opponent you will progress to the next round, if you don’t……. you are out – simple as that, or if you are especially fortunate and the numbers work in your favour you might get a ‘bye’ to the next round. 

Good luck everyone, plenty of cash prizes still out there, no matter if you are having a good, bad or indifferent season – still lots to play for.

Have a great GW31 and all the best from all of us at the Evie Dove Foundation!

CategoryAs at GW30ScorePrize Fund
Overall WinnerStudley Constable FC2040£300
Best Non Triple Captain GWRomford Rejects & Nov’s Nomads147£125
Best Triple Captain GWCheesy Iheanachos & MBF115£125
Best Free HitR’s Ez dub130£125
Fewest Transfers‘Clatts FC’1517£125
TEDF Cup£150
Best Team NameOne from
Jesus CreepersWondHaaland FCCrystal PellisScamaccaroni CheeseLoftus Cheeky-NandosChickenTikkaMoSalahNo goalo kanteOdergaardian angelsHaven’t Jota ClueMarcRashfood.comCancelo CultureEze Son-shineGros MismanagementSiuuuu you later