Gameweek 37

Well, well, well……………….just when you think it’s all over bar the shouting, and then in the closing minutes of the last game of the gameweek, it all gets shaken up!!

First of all let’s go straight to the top of the league, as you know ‘Studley Constable FC’ were gliding along gracefully with a 45 point lead over ‘Siuuuu you later’, and as we entered double gameweek 36, the only big decision to make was which of the in-form Newcastle strikers to captain for their games against Leeds and Brighton………Isak or Wilson?………

However after a near faultless season, finally ‘Studley’ showed the first sign of nerves, opting for the 14 point Swede………… as opposed to ‘Siuuuu’ who, after sitting quietly in the background for several weeks, exploded back onto the scene, powered by Captain Wilson, with a goal, an assist, and three bonus points right at the end of the gameweek delivering a massive 48 points. 

On such fine margins, a season can turn, and now as we enter Alex Ferguson’s  ‘squeaky bum time’, this is the state of play………..

‘Studley Constable FC’ – 2518 points

‘Siuuuu you later’ – 2496 points

Good luck to both of you in the quest to become the winner of the inaugural Evie Dove Foundation Fantasy Football League, and secure the £300 top prize…..

But that’s not all…………….It also turns out that there are a few of you out there still sitting on your chips. Firstly let’s cover the Triple Captains……. ‘Henman Hillbilly’s’ and ‘J to the B’, had waited patiently to hunt down ‘Dirty Martinez’ target of 132 points from GW34, with that man again, Callum Wilson getting the armband and returning an incredible 72 points, nice work both of you. 

However hard lines to ‘Henman’ who was right in the mix with a few minutes to go, but 133 points ended up not being quite enough, as

‘J to the B’ benefitted from a late Bruno Guimaraes goal to notch an incredible 139 points, putting themselves at the top of the pile for the £125 prize with 2 games to go……..If you still have your TC chip, it is surely now or never in double gameweek 37 – Man City, Man Utd, Brighton and Chelsea are the teams in play.

Meanwhile we also saw three miserable Bench Boosts thrown into the fray, from ‘Darwinsared’ (five extra points)  ‘Nike-on-Arteta’ (seven extra points)  and finally ‘Triad Fire’, who clearly set their stall out to match Zero Point Bench Boosters ‘Gaz FC’ and ‘Willian Dollar Baby’ from GW29, but just missed out with Pickfords 1 point spoiling the party alongside Toney (0), Rashford (0), Dalot (0)!!

And of course it’s also a big weekend in the Evie Dove Foundation Cup with four teams now vying for the £150 top prize ……….. just to pile the pressure onto ‘Studley Constable FC’ not only have they got to second guess the ‘Siuuuu you later’ line up, but also there is a massive semi-final against ‘Forest in the Prem!, and old rival since their school days……….. 

…..And in the other tie, it’s a MASSIVE grudge match between former leader of the TC prize fund ‘Dirty Martinez, and new leader ‘J to the B’. Can ‘Dirty’ take their revenge, or will ‘JB’ kick a team when they are down??………….aahhh the magic of the cup…..!


Anyway that’s enough of all that – League Leader, Cup Semi-Finals, Triple Captain Chips, Zero Bench Boost quests blah, blah, blah……….as we all know there is only really one story that you are all interested in……..step forward ‘Clatts FC’……….. well, when I say all of you, that is of course everyone except ‘Clatts’, who despite my ever more desperate pleas, refuses to engage in any way shape or form in playing Fantasy Football!!

However despite all of that, I am pleased to announce that the target of 1950 points and Zero Transfers is still on!!!!!! – injuries to Dier, March and Ake, meant that Kane got automatically subbed in, moving ‘Clatts’ to a total of 1869 points…….. 81 points needed from the last two gameweeks………’Clatts’ you are on the brink of an historic achievement, we are all behind you…….

And finally before we sign off for GW37, a special, and I’m sure unexpected mention for ‘Eze Son-Shine’…..whilst doing my mid-gameweek research I spotted this…….


Now it’s a great team name, a clever twist rolling in not one but two Premier League players, including in-form Eze of Crystal Palace, indeed it is a contender for the £50 best team name prize………..However, Eze on the bench?? You named your team after your Palace hero, and yet wantonly discard him in favour of the shinier big names like Salah and Grealish……. Shame on you ‘Eze Son-shine’…..shame on you. Surely you must have felt slightly dirty picking up those 16 points off the back of Rashord’s injury and Toney’s suspension!!!

Right here we go, gameweek 37, the penultimate gameweek of what has been a cracking season. Good luck everyone and all the best from all of us at the Evie Dove Foundation.

CategoryAs at GW36Score
Overall WinnerStudley Constable FC2518
Best Non Triple Captain GWRomford Rejects & Nov’s Nomads147
Best Triple Captain GWJ to the BDirty Martinez139132
Best Free HitR’s Ez dub130
Fewest Transfers‘Clatts FC’1869
TEDF CupOne from
Studley ConstableDirty MartinezJ to the BForest in the Prem 
Best Team NameOne from
Jesus CreepersWondHaaland FCCrystal PellisScamaccaroni CheeseLoftus Cheeky-NandosChickenTikkaMoSalahNo goalo kanteOdergaardian angelsHaven’t Jota ClueMarcRashfood.comCancelo CultureEze Son-shineGros MismanagementSiuuuu you later