Gameweek 38

So here we go…. 

The final Gameweek of the 22/23 Evie Dove Foundation Fantasy Football League…….

It all comes down to this………..

Evie Dove Foundation FF League

In the league ‘Studley Constable FC’ steadied last week’s nerves, with a solid 65 points, whilst ‘Siuuuu you later’, despite benefitting from Edersons benching, bringing Iversens 9 points into play, could only just about keep pace with 64 points. 

That all means that as we enter the final weekend, our two main contenders for the £300 top prize are separated by a mere 23 points – they think it’s all over?? Or is it………

……..’Siuuuu you later’ in the same way that there is an unwritten rule in football that the team that is 1-0 down at home will ‘get one more chance’ in the final minutes, it is also the case that there there is one differential out there that WILL close that 23 point gap………use that free transfer, and your captaincy very, very, wisely!!

Evie Dove Foundation FF Cup

In the cup, finally the mighty ‘Studley Constable FC’, has been slayed, with long time rivals ‘Forest in the Prem!’ very sneakily saving their wildcard until GW37 to steal a march on the league leaders, nicking the tie by 69 points to 65.

Meanwhile in the other semi-final, the much anticipated grudge match between ‘J to the B’ and ‘Dirty Martinez’ failed to deliver on the pre-match hype, with ‘Dirty’ cruising to victory by 61 points to 38, with ‘J to the B’ clearly fatigued from last week’s Triple Captain exertions!

So it’s time to dust down your suits gents, Sunday is Cup Final day……..!

‘Forest in the Prem!’ v ‘Dirty Martinez’ – £150 winner takes all!!!

Fewest Transfers (aka doing ‘absolutely nothing’)

Meanwhile, what of ‘Clatts FC’????……..

…..Remarkably it goes on……..despite once again completely refusing to engage, ‘Clatts’ continued their surge towards the Fantasy Football Hall of Fame with an extremely solid 51 points despite only having 9 fit players on the pitch, including of course Harry Kane, who was once again summoned from the bench to delivery his weekly haul.

 ……“Clatts” you are now only 30 points from history……………

……You know what to do……….

……We are all with you my friend……..


Best Triple Captain GW, Best Non Triple Captain GW, and Best Free Hit

‘J to the B’, ‘Romford Rejects’, ‘Nov’s Nomads’, ‘R’s Ez dub’ are all sitting pretty with £375 of prize money at stake…………… it’s going to be tough for anyone to land a punch on the final day of the season, a single gameweek, but if you’ve got a chip left you may as well throw your hat in the ring!!

Best Team Name

I can confirm that after much deliberation Howard, Katie and Edward have chosen a winner. All will be revealed after GW38!!

So that’s it…… bring it on…… let’s see how GW38 plays out and get this amazing £1k prize fund paid out……….thank you again so much to Feefo who very kindly donated this year’s fund.

Wishing you all the best for the grand finale, from all of us at the Evie Dove Foundation

CategoryAs at GW37Score
Overall WinnerStudley Constable FC2583
Best Non Triple Captain GWRomford Rejects & Nov’s Nomads147
Best Triple Captain GWJ to the B
Best Free HitR’s Ez dub130
Fewest Transfers‘Clatts FC’1920
TEDF CupThe Final Dirty MartinezForest in the Prem 
Best Team NameOne fromJesus CreepersWondHaaland FCCrystal PellisScamaccaroni CheeseLoftus Cheeky-NandosChickenTikkaMoSalahNo goalo kanteOdergaardian angelsHaven’t Jota ClueMarcRashfood.comCancelo CultureEze Son-shineGros MismanagementSiuuuu you later