Gameweek 5

Gameweek 4 is done – all change at the top, with Hotel? Thiago surging into a 3 point lead ahead of ‘Schnizzle’ and ‘Rosenior’s Rams’, and we also saw our first single gameweek scores of over 100 points this season, powered by captain Haaland. As Guardiola said ominously in a previous post match interview, “Erling will be there……..” 

Conversely we saw a fall from grace for some former heavyweights of this weekly update………not only did ‘Forest in the Prem’ tumble from 1st to 26th, they also lost pole position in the £125 non triple captain gameweek – a lead they had been protecting since the halcyon days of Gameweek 2, with their 92 points blown out of the water by Evermore FC’s massive 107 points, just pipping Kelly’s Heroes (103) and Blaising Squad (100). Congratulations Evermore FC, you are our new front runner!

Meanwhile Cheesy Iheanachos, another early league leader,went all in with a wildcard (one of five played this week) in a desperate attempt to recover the glories of gameweeks gone by, but sadly to no avail with the overhauled team yielding only 29 points leaving them languishing in 62nd place. How quickly things can change! 

It has to be said that sometimes the best strategy is remaining loyal to those players that let you down the previous week, as all of you who kept the Liverpool players in proved, following up on three disappointing performances, they finally rewarded you with nine goals and a clean sheet. Particular mentions to ‘Full Force’, ‘MBF’, ‘klopps and robbers’ and ‘Redmen’ for their differential Luis Diaz and Trent Alexander Arnold captain picks, yielding 28 and 34 points respectively. Although of course, loyalty to your Liverpool favourites can be taken just a step too far, with two of you sticking with our old friend Darwin Nunez as your captain! 

On the subject of Liverpool, I guess we need to talk about Salah…… around 40% of you chose him as your captain. Anyone who wasn’t glued to their phone on Saturday afternoon and only checked the scores later in the day must have been rubbing their hands in glee when they saw the 9-0 scoreline imagining an absolutely bumper haul for the free scoring assist machine. How wrong we can be!

‘Gabriel All Stars’ and ‘No Mane, Mo problem’ we particularly feel your pain – both teams saw this week as the opportunity to grab the lead in top triple captain gameweek, and lumped on the Egyptian, but were swatted away once again by ‘Neil Madrid’, scoring only 43 and 44 points respectively.

It was good to see that a few of you have been reading these updates – four of you played the Bench Boost this week after it got a mention last week – with varied results – well done DCFC, you added an impressive 19 points to your total, commiserations Kizzoo Tigers who only got a miserable 3 points off the bench! I must point out that any suggestions I make are coming from a team that is in 71st place, and played their wildcard in GW2, so please do treat my advice with extreme caution! 

This week’s snippet of advice is hold onto your Free Hit – five of you played it this week, some good scores, ‘puppyfc’ in particular with 74 points, however it’s always a good chip to have in your back pocket as we get deeper into the season and injuries and rotation start to kick in – your call, but I’ll definitely be holding mine back for a while!

All the best for Gameweek 5, enjoy the first midweek fixtures of the season, and thanks again from all of us at The Evie Dove Foundation.