Gameweek 6

The busiest Premiership August ever is done! Five gameweeks and fifty matches behind us, and already we’ve had enough drama to last a season – with own goals, red cards, last minute injuries, late comebacks and back to back hat-tricks all taking us by surprise. Incredible that it is only just the start of September and already we’ve had 25 wildcards played, with 6 of you taking the plunge in gameweek 5!

A strong gameweek 5, with ‘Studley Constable FC’ breaking ominously into the top five, and ‘Lets Be Avenue’ of former multiple transfer fame, both scoring a fantastic 91 points – good, but not good enough to topple Evermore FC who continue to hold first position in the £125 race for best non triple captain gameweek on 107 points.

We also have a new leader in the race to win the £300 top prize – ‘Schnizzle’ with a fantastic 363 points, pushing previous leader ‘Hotel? Thiago’ into second place on 360 points, closely pursued by ‘King Erik LUHG’ on 354 points. An airport parking 1-2-3!! In terms of overall ranking we are holding our own – 363 points puts us in the top 80k overall, out of over 10m teams, apparently the highest ever number of teams entered!

Meanwhile, three more of you had a bash at knocking Neil Madrid off top spot in the quest to bag the  £125 prize for the best triple captain gameweek score. Valiant efforts from ‘Jays 11’ on 90 points, and ‘DCUnited’ on 72 points, and a special mention for ‘Quantum of Tzolis’ who scored 86 and agonisingly left 10 point Martinelli on the bench. However, once again, despite the best efforts of triple captains Jesus and Haaland, Neil Madrid remains untouchable since gameweek 1 on 94 points. However I suspect this might not last once we hit the double gameweeks and/or if Haaland continues to tear it up!

No free hits played this week, meaning ‘puppyfc’ continue to hold top spot for that particular £125 prize.

Don’t forget there is also a £125 prize for fewest transfers made – we’ve tried to spread out the prizes so even if you are not having your best season there is still an incentive to remain involved – for this prize you have to score 1950 points to qualify just to make sure we don’t end up rewarding an inactive team! This was in my thinking this week as despite having two transfers available, I decided to do nothing and keep myself nicely in the running for this category – then the late news came in about Reece James, I panicked, made two transfers including adding Lewis Dunk, just in time for him to notch an OG. Another disastrous week for ‘Bad Havertz lead 2U’!  We will do a tot up on the leaderboard for this prize later in the season.

A summary below of the current standing for prizes, and also more great news on the Evie Dove Foundation – as well as having official charity status, we now have a bank account, so will be in touch over the coming days to convert those pledges into donations, and keep you all in the running for our amazing £1000 prize pot!

CategoryLeaderScorePrize Fund
Overall WinnerSchnizzle363£300
Best Non Triple Captain gameweekEvermore FC107£125
Best Triple Captain gameweekNeil Madrid94£125
Best Free Hitpuppyfc74£125
Lowest number of transfersTBA£125
Best Team NameTBA£50
Mystery Prize FundTBA£150

So on we move to gameweek 6 – anyone out there brave enough to bring our old friend Darwin Nunez back into their team for a feisty Merseyside derby?! …

All the best and thanks again from all of us at The Evie Dove Foundation.