Gameweek 8

Just a quick update as a) I’m still recovering from 15 hours and 41 minutes of exercise on Sunday, and b) there is not a lot to say about the non-event that was gameweek 7!! 

As for gameweek 8, well it’s all looking a bit tricky – only 7 fixtures with Liverpool, Chelsea, Brighton, Crystal Palace, Manchester Utd and Leeds all getting a week off – maybe time for your Free Hit, or even your wildcard if you still have it? Or, can you somehow blag your way through to gameweek 9 without using those valuable chips?? 

With nothing to discuss from gameweek 7, it seems like as good a time as any to give you an update on the £50 best team name prize  – we had a bit of a review and whittled it down to a current top ten – the only criteria was that any play on a player’s name, must be based on a current Premiership player, so for example whilst teams like ‘Puyol Pants Down’ and ‘How I Met Your Mata’ raised a smile, unfortunately they did not make the final cut. Obviously as with all the prizes, to qualify you also had to have made a minimum £10 pledge to The Evie Dove Foundation.

So here we go – here is our current top ten

  • Jesus Creepers
  • WondHaaland FC
  • Crystal Pellis
  • Scamaccaroni Cheese
  • Loftus Cheeky-Nandos
  • ChickenTikkaMoSalah
  • No goalo kante
  • Odergaardian angels
  • Haven’t Jota Clue

Now you can see where the bar has been set, we are going to leave it open for a while – don’t forget you can change your team name as many times as you want, so if we see some good new ones coming up, maybe you can find your way onto this list  – over to you to get creative and see if you can bump some of the current contenders out of the way! We will announce the winner later in the season!

That’s all for this week – all the best navigating your way through this tricky gameweek 8, and as ever big thanks from all of us at the Evie Dove Foundation.