End of Season Round Up

And just like that the season is over……..and the winner of the Evie Dove Foundation League is ‘Crystal Pellis’ with an impressive front running performance since GW26.

An overall total of 2581 points also puts our leader inside the top 7,500 teams in the world………. not bad from an overall 10.9m teams. 

Congratulations ‘Crystal Pellis’…….£200 is winging its way to you……creditable mentions too for ‘Witty Name’, ‘Warnocks Warriors’ and last seasons champ ‘Sonny & Schar’ who kept ‘Crystal’ honest right up until GW38.

In the TEDF cup it went right to the wire with ‘Didier Dshamps’ just edging ‘Dyche Daredevils’ 68 points to 66 for the £75 prize

Whilst in the May £50 stakes an under par ‘Free Hit’ from ’Tis is Howe we do it’ opened the door for ‘Klopp or Ball‘ to pinch the monthly prize.

Meanwhile ‘Still No Changes’ rounded off an incredible season……….. by once again for the 38th and final time doing absolutely nothing……that’s the same 15 players all season……and ‘Still No Changes’ took it to another level by steadfastly refusing to play their ‘Free Hit’, ‘Bench Boost, or ‘Triple Captain, and also went with the same captain (Haaland) and Vice Captain (Salah) all season!!!!

2071 points put them mid table in the Evie Dove Foundation League, inside the top 4 million worldwide, and most importantly had their name engraved on the  ‘The Clattenburg Trophy’ with accompanying prize money of £75…….for the record here are the 15 brave players that have battled through endlessly to deliver the goods….

Special mentions too for ‘Toffee Drops’ and ‘MarkRashfood.com’…….similar masters of inactivity……….please encourage your non football fan family members to get involved next season……… they literally don’t have to get involved at all beyond picking a team on day one then sitting back and hoping they scoop the top prize!

And finally, congratulations to ‘Jesus Rice’st’ for the top gameweek score of 155 points, and ‘Sprouts Mexicane’ for top ‘Free Hit’ score of 147 points………cracking scores and a well earned £75 for each of you.

And that’s it for this season……enjoy the Euros…..enjoy a well earned break and I hope to see all of you AND your fellow mini-league players, AND your friends and family back next year so we can support another Evie Dove Foundation hero in the 24/25 season!!!!

Sign up here and see you again in August!

Thanks for getting involved, and all the best from all of us at the Evie Dove Foundation.

PrizePrize FundPointsLeader as at GW38
League Champion£2002581Crystal Pellis
The Clattenburg Trophy£752071Still No Changes
Top Gameweek£75155Jesus Rice’st
Best Free Hit£75147Sprouts Mexicane
***August Winner***£50200The Kante Twins
***September Winner***£50305Vic’s Victors
***October Winner***£50245magical madders
***November Winner***£50185VSquad
***December Winner***£50439Sonny & Schar
***January Winner***£50161Golden Pickles
***February Winner***£50332Warnocks Warriors
***March Winner***£50247Dyche Daredevils
***April Winner***£50432So so soucek it out
***May Winner***£50322Klopp or Ball?
TEDF Cup£75Didier Dshamps
Most Points Left on Bench‘You’ve had a mare’34The Floppy Stars