Gameweek 10

They say you can’t win the league before Christmas, but ‘DC United’ is having a very good bash at it……………Another stunning week delivered 98 points, putting this star studded team on 642 points overall………that’s 1,755th in the world out of 10m teams, inside the the top 0.02% of teams!!! Wowzers!!

In second place on 607 points we have ‘Only Kruls n Horses’, a team whose demise I predicted last week having been more generous with their chips than David Raya is in presenting chances to opposing strikers, however in a move no-one saw coming, they rolled the dice in GW9 and took 9 HITS!!!!!! This bold move completely revolutionised their team, bringing in the likes of Son, Maddison, Salah and Watkins to score a massive 105 points, which whilst it scaled back to 69 after the points deduction, they’ve set themselves up to go again………….. I wish you all the best you absolute maverick!!

Special GW9 mentions too for ‘Evan Almighty’,  ‘ReeceJamesJamTarts’ and ‘Van de Steak Beek’, who all notched over 100 points, with ‘Evan’ on 108 points coming closest to toppling the mighty ‘Hakuna Mateta’ from top spot in the ‘Top Gameweek’ stakes, but not quite close enough…………. 110 points remains your target everybody!! Good to see Douglas Luiz back in the team too ‘Reece’, powering his former namesakes!!

Back to ‘DC United’, a cracking couple of weeks also puts ‘DC’ top of the October pile…….. with one week to go, there’s a 14 point gap to make up…….. if you are in the running maybe it’s time to play one of those precious chips, or go for a differential captain to reel in our leader………..???

In ‘The Clattenburg Trophy’ things are starting to shape up now, 25 teams in total have made zero transfers to keep themselves in contention………..well, when I say in contention, the range is from ‘Still No Changes’ on 547 points to our old friend ‘Redmenii’ on 246 points so I do of course use the term ‘in contention’ loosely…………….indeed ‘Redmenii’ are clearly more focused on their own private battle with ‘Gambos Gunners’ for bottom place in the league, and whilst ‘Red’ is taking a hands off approach, ‘Gambo’ is absolutely ‘gunning’ for it, having taken a remarkable 51 Hits costing 204 points……I’ll continue to watch this almighty battle between two unique teams with interest!!

Notable ‘Clattenburg’ mentions too for ‘Syrup FC’, ‘FLIX FC’, and ‘’ all of whom are in the chasing pack with more than 500 points to their name…….pretty impressive returns for doing absolutely nothing……….last years winner ‘Clatts FC’ came in with 1959 points overall, so after 9 gameweeks you are all on track to surpass the great man himself………………just keep doing nothing………..

At the opposite end of the scale, for the other 200 odd teams that are spending hours each week curating their team, there was once again plenty of activity with 11 wildcards, 2 triple captains, and 3 free hits……….and big news……… we have a new leader in the £75 ‘Free Hit’ contest………..step forward ‘Odergaardium Leviosa’ with 89 points, very well done………..however don’t go spending that £75 just yet………to manage expectations, last season this prize was won with 130 points, so there’s a way to go yet………for now though you should enjoy your time in the limelight!!

‘Odergaardium’ was one of 14 teams that captained Watkins for a nice 22 point haul, although top of the pops this week was Salah with 32 points, 20 of you jumped on board the Egyptian King, closely followed by 15 of you who waited patiently until Monday night for Son to chip in with a very nice 28 points. Good to see plenty of you going against the Haaland grain, more of the same this week I expect with a potentially tough derby away to Man United looming, and once again he is one of the most transferred out players of the week, alongside the injured Estupinan and Botman, and the woefully out of form Rashford. In their place predictably Watkins, Salah, and Douglas Luiz are proving popular.

As for the football itself, Tottenham are top of the league, Man City have had their blip and sit ominously in second,  Aston Villa are challenging for the Champions League, Luton are out of the bottom three, and Gary O’Neill stuffed it right back down the throat of the Bournemouth board…………….has there ever been a more satisfying result……….surely it is only a matter of time now until we get to bid a sad farewell to Andoni Iraola, it’s a brutal game this football management lark, as we all know only too well……..

We are back to a Friday deadline this week, don’t get caught out!

Good luck everyone and all the best from all of us at the Evie Dove Foundation.

PrizePrize FundPointsLeader as at GW9
League Champion£200642DC United
The Clattenburg Trophy£75547Still No Changes
Top Gameweek£75110Hakuna Mateta
Best Free Hit£7589Odergaardium Leviosa
***August Winner***£50200The Kante Twins
***September Winner***£50305Vic’s Victors
October Leader£50178DC United
Most Points Left on Bench‘You’ve had a mare’33Wibble