Gameweek 11

October is done and we have a brand new winner……….’DC United’ went into the gameweek with a 14 point lead for the monthly £50 prize………… however was this the first sign of nerves from our overall leader??……Firstly changing a winning formula by playing their wildcard, and secondly making the heartbreaking decision to pair Watkins (2 points) and Joao Pedro (1 point) up front, whilst Nketiah (17 points) looked on enviously from the bench………..meaning that whilst ‘DC’ remained in the overall lead in the Evie Dove League, and in the  top 2.5k teams worldwide, ‘magical madders’ came sweeping through from outside of last week’s top ten with an incredible GW score of 96 points to snatch the £50 monthly prize, powered by Mbuemo & Diaby with 13 points apiece, and Captain Haaland with 32 points……..remember that tricky fixture I talked about…….I didn’t quite reckon on a centre back pairing of Evans and Maguire………!! Congratulations ‘magical madders’ you are the third winner of our monthly £50 prize……..let the November competition begin…………..

80 of you in total stuck with Haaland as your captain, that loyalty paying off………. 47 teams went for Salah and benefited from Matt Turner’s rush of blood to the head, whilst 40 of you were left frustrated by Ollie Watkins blank. Man City at home to Bournemouth this week should surely see everyone go flooding back to the Norwegian, or will it be the Egyptian King against Luton that gets your vote??? Whichever route you go down, if you have either of these two fine players in your squad, I suggest that you at least play them…… ‘ReeceJamesJamTarts’, ‘Sancheezy Nuts’ and ‘KerrTFC’ I’m talking to you in particular, even Guardiola does not put Haaland on the bench!!!!

In more bench news, the endless quest to be the team that leaves the most points going begging continues, you will recall that ‘Wibble’ raised the bar in GW8 with a stunning 33 points out strippping their team score of 31 points………. well in GW10 they were joined at the top table by ‘Warnes Wonders’ who clearly decided that Brentford had no chance away to Chelsea and left both goalscorers in reserve – Pinnock (15 points) and Mbuemo (13 points) contributing once again to 33 points collecting splinters………… and whilst you had the comfort unlike ‘Wibble’ of at least having 67 points on the pitch, it is totally fair to say ‘Warnes’ congratulations……..‘You’ve had a mare’…….!!!

So, that’s 10 Gameweeks done, our leader has a 40 point lead so there is work to be done people……….let’s go……..the deadline is Saturday morning at 11:00……good luck everyone and all the best from all of us at the Evie Dove Foundation.

PrizePrize FundPointsLeader as at GW10
League Champion£200707DC United
The Clattenburg Trophy£75608Still No Changes
Top Gameweek£75110Hakuna Mateta
Best Free Hit£7589Odergaardium Leviosa
***August Winner***£50200The Kante Twins
***September Winner***£50305Vic’s Victors
***October Winner***£50245magical madders
Most Points Left on Bench‘You’ve had a mare’33WibbleWarnes Wonders