Gameweek 14

Well they did it again……….‘DC United’ had yet another solid (and as always Haalandless) week to power a massive 59 points ahead of ‘Gylo’s Galacticos’ in second place………..Not only that, they are now up to 1647th in the world – seriously ‘DC’ this is incredible…….. nice work choosing Dalot for 12 points, just reward for playing his part in that wonder goal by Garnacho!…………..Come on everyone, we are going to need to up our game to reel in the mighty ‘DC’!

Meanwhile in the ‘November stakes’ we have our fourth prize winner of the season, £50 is winging its way to you ‘VSquad’, congratulations on just pipping ‘Dutch of Class’ ……and we start again for the December prize, a nice Christmas bonus awaits one of you!!

Team of Gameweek 13 was ‘Tis is Howe we do it’ notching 67 points – powered by Anthony Gordon’s 13 points, nice to see your Newcastle players actually making it onto the pitch this time! 

In captain news, 99 of you stayed loyal to Haaland, duly rewarded again with a 14 point haul, whilst 21 teams suffered the agony of watching Captain Son get a hat-trick and then had to endure each of them being chalked off, that now famous high line of Aston Villa’s paying dividends! 

And a special shout out for ‘Redmenii’ who have remained loyal throughout the season to Captain Alexander Arnold, and were rewarded as Trent shushed the noisy neighbours, yielding our perennial back marker a lovely 16 points.

In other news, we’ve got a ding dong battle of total and utter inactivity in ‘The Clattenburg Trophy’ with the three big guns tightly packed ‘Still No Changes’, ‘Syrup FC’ and ‘’ all within two points of each other, and all in the top 40 places in the league………….how frustrating is that to all of you that spend hours every week poring over your team!!

So on we push to Gameweek 14, your deadline today is 13:30, quickly followed by Gameweek 15 which kicks off on Tuesday evening – choose your transfers wisely, particularly with a blank GW looming too for Manchester City and Brentford in Gameweek 18.

Good luck everyone, let’s start putting some pressure on ‘DC United’!!!

All the best from all of us at the Evie Dove Foundation

PrizePrize FundPointsLeader as at GW13
League Champion£200872
DC United
Gylo’s Galacticos
The Clattenburg Trophy£75769
Still No Changes
Syrup FC
Top Gameweek£75110Hakuna Mateta
Best Free Hit£7589Odergaardium Leviosa
***August Winner***£50200The Kante Twins
***September Winner***£50305Vic’s Victors
***October Winner***£50245magical madders
***November Winner***£50185VSquad
Most Points Left on Bench‘You’ve had a mare’33Wibble
Warnes Wonders