Gameweek 26

Double Gameweek 25 had all the potential, and it’s fair to say that it delivered, with eleven teams in the Evie Dove league in that rarified air above the 100 point mark……… well done to all of you particularly ‘Callum’s Club’ ‘Toffee Drops’ and ‘The Sweeney’ who all managed to get into triple figures WITHOUT playing their triple captain chip!!……….

As for the rest of you……it was a frenzied week of chip activity……..eight Wildcards, seven Bench Boosts, five Free Hits……..and seventy (70) Triple Captains!!!!!!…….. It goes without saying that the majority (61 to be exact) gave this very special ‘once in a season’ armband to Erling Haaland with two very tempting home games on the agenda……however he kept you waiting for around 160 of his 180 minutes before delivering a slightly underwhelming 30 points………..big kudos however to the three teams who went against the grain and rolled the dice on ‘Triple Captain’ Salah, So so soucek it out’, ‘R’s EZ Dub’ and ‘Three Chumbers’ all gambling on the Egyptian King who neither started nor finished the gameweek but still managed to come up trumps with 33 points……….. and of course our heartfelt commiserations to the six teams who triple captained Jota, Darwin and De Bruyne, none of whom even laced their boots for the second match of the double!!! Don’t worry………you get another TC chip next season!!

Amazingly, despite that barrage of chips and 100+ scores, somehow ‘Hakuna Mateta’ are still clinging on by their fingertips to the £75 prize for top gameweek!!!! ‘Dutch of Class’ went closest with 108 points and were surely denied the overall lead by the loss of Diogo Jota so early in the double gameweek……….however thems the breaks, and with thirteen gameweeks to go ‘Hakunas’ 110 points remains your target everyone………

Not such good news for ‘Odergaardium Leviosa’ in the lead for ‘Best Free Hit’ since GW9 on a score of 89 points, which to be fair always looked precarious………….well GW25 was the week when they were finally toppled……..with ‘Notorious RBB’ stepping up to the plate, and notching a cool 90 points……..enjoy your time in the limelight ‘RBB’ ……you may be in the firing line in GW26 with a number of teams potentially lining up the ‘Free Hit’ to deal with blank gameweeks for  Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham and Luton……..!!??

And of course not forgetting the big £200 prize fund at the top of the league ‘Didier Dshamps’ maintained their lead with a solid 89 points, with ‘Witty Name’ and ‘Warnocks Warriors’ both in close pursuit, the latter also leading the charge in the February £50 stakes with one GW to go before another month is done……… maybe one of those ‘Free Hits’ might come surging through and take the cash??

And finally, lets not forget that it’s not all about chips and changes…….. whilst ‘Clatts FC’ of 22/23 vintage has moved onto new ventures, with a spot on prime time Saturday night TV and a bizarre new role at Nottingham Forest………….. we at least have the ‘Clattenburg Trophy’ to be grateful for, a fine legacy for those brave teams that take on 38 gameweeks with just 15 players……. Amazingly ‘Still No Changes’ continues to lead the way in 35th place on 1464 points…..that is impressive!! Surely ‘Clatts’ record of 1959 points is up for grabs…….sit tight ‘Still No Changes’ and enjoy the ride…….not that you have any choice!!

Right GW26 is almost here…..the good news is that you can have a lie in……your deadline this week is 13:30 on Saturday. Good luck to all of you gunning for the £50 February prize and the £75 Free Hit prize, and all the best from all of us at the Evie Dove Foundation.

PrizePrize FundPointsLeader as at GW25
League Champion£2001580
Didier Dshamps
Witty Name
Warnocks Warriors
The Clattenburg Trophy£751464
Still No Changes
Syrup FC
Top Gameweek£75110Hakuna Mateta
Best Free Hit£7590Notorious RBB
***August Winner***£50200The Kante Twins
***September Winner***£50305Vic’s Victors
***October Winner***£50245magical madders
***November Winner***£50185VSquad
***December Winner***£50439Sonny & Schar
***January Winner***£50161Golden Pickles
Most Points Left on Bench‘You’ve had a mare’33Wibble
Warnes Wonders