Gameweek 3

Gameweek 3 is almost upon us, and amazingly everyone is starting to realise that Brighton and Brentford are actually pretty good at football………… both are currently sitting in the Champions League places………….and the five most transferred in Fantasy Football players this week are Mbuemo, Wissa, Estupinan, Mitoma, and March…….are YOU on the gravy train for their home fixtures against Crystal Palace and West Ham in GW3…………??

Let’s start this week with a big welcome to our new additions, we are now over 220 teams in our league. If you do have anyone else in your other mini-leagues, who wants to get involved they are still very welcome, they can still donate and join so keep spreading the word. 

On that note, intriguingly…….. I spotted this on Tuesday………….the mysteriously named ‘X’ waiting to join the league…………could this really be one of the greatest players in Women’s Football seeking to console themselves  with a bit of Evie Dove Foundation Fantasy Football, just a couple of days after World Cup heartbreak……………??

We shall see………

Back to the business end, it was a good week for ‘Eintracht Ealing’ who leapt to the top of the league with a total of 155 points, an excellent score that puts “Eintracht’ in the top 23k worldwide – that’s out of over 9 million teams entered!! Shout out too to ‘Gylo’s Galacticos’ and ‘VSquad’ who are both in hot pursuit on 153 and 151 points respectively.

Team of the week was ‘Bowen Arrow’, who having spent hours over the summer assembling their squad to then be rewarded with a measly 33 points in GW1, showed their ruthless streak and played their Wildcard i.e. discarded their GW1 squad, and picked a completely new one!! Well it paid off handsomely delivering 74 points in GW2, ‘Bowen’s’ no nonsense attitude launching them into the top ten. Nice….

For those of you new to the game, you get two wildcards, one in the first half of the season and one in the second half. Generally the popular approach is to keep it in your back pocket for a while, but we’ve clearly got a few mavericks in the league this year……..alongside ‘Bowen’ we also saw ‘Kante Touch This’, ‘Beyer LeverCashSon’, ‘Ctrl Alt De Laet’ and ‘Sky Blue Army’ playing this cherished chip ‘early doors’, to use the correct footballing terminology…………By the way ‘Sky Blue’ I’m delighted to see you got my message about Harry Kane………….!

In other news, Haaland was slightly less popular this week, his home fixture against Newcastle meant that only 137 of you went with the big fella as your captain, good move too as he scuffed his best chances. Saka and Watkins were next in line, however kudos to ‘Save me Saka Khan*’ the only team to captain Mitoma, and ‘Show Me Da Mane’ the only team to captain Jota, differential selections that rewarded you both with 24 points! Special mention for Mitoma, what a goal, and a very clever assist too……..

Onto the bench………we need to talk about Areola (no sniggering at the back of the class please)………44 teams in our league showed no faith whatsoever in the West Ham man, all of you leaving a massive 10 points going begging…………a few of you however took that risk out of the equation by playing your Bench Boost chip……… again for the newbies – you only get one of these a season, so please use it wisely (like the cutely named ‘BibbleBobble_FC’, who scored a massive additional 27 points thanks to an outstanding reserve line up of our old friend Areola, Trippier, Odergaard, and Watkins), and unlike the aspirationally named ‘future of the prem’ and the sturdily named  ‘Invincibles’ who both got a barely noticeable additional 3 points!! 

The only other way to get more chips is to enter more than one team……..just like ‘Hakuna Juan Mata’ who used the Bench Boost to close the gap on ‘Only Kruls n Horses’!, I look forward to seeing how this plays out!! By the way, if you do put in a second team, just a reminder that it’s another donation too!

Finishing off the story of the bench, this week was a right ‘Pain in Dias’ for ‘Pain in Dias’ with March’s 15 points on the bench, and Mcallister’s minus 2 points (never a sending off) on the pitch……..that really hurts!!

Meanwhile ‘De Bruyne Ultimatum’ threw their hat in the ring for most points left on the bench in a single game, with 27 points left behind… likes to see that. No prize for that one ‘De Bruyne’ I’m afraid, just the public recognition that in footballing parlance, you’ve ‘had a bit of a mare’………better luck next week…….

Talking of next week……it’s nearly here…….once again it’s a Friday deadline, update your team by 18:30 tomorrow night…….then sit back and enjoy the Chelsea goal fest against Luton!!!! 

Good luck everyone and all the best from all of us at the Evie Dove Foundation.