Gameweek 38

So you have been paying attention……….there I was thinking most of you lost interest long ago…..however GW37 proved me wrong with a massive 82 chips being played……8 of you had been incredibly patient hanging onto your wildcard almost to the bitter end……..while 7 of you had a bash at the ‘Free Hit’ £75 prize, with ‘ReeceJamesJamTarts’ the pick of the bunch on 114 points…….good but still not a patch on ‘Sprouts Mexicane’ who stands strong from GW34 on 147 points………almost home and hosed with one week to go, albeit I reckon there are one or two sneaky final day Free Hits still out there waiting to be played in GW38…………

14 Triple Captains with 12 of you benefitting from Haalands 45 points or Palmers 42 points, nice use of that valuable chip………however in reality GW37 was all about the ‘Bench Boost’ with 53 of you, including 8 of the top 10, enjoying the once a season luxury of playing all 15 players…….pick of the bunch was ‘Didier Dshamps’ with a huge additional 46 points, closely followed by ’Papichulos FC’ on 45 points, both benches  including player of the week Gvardiol on 27 points……meanwhile at the other end of the scale ‘Rodri, You Plonker’ joined the club of ‘Bench Boost’ zero pointers with, despite the open invitation, not one of the subs getting a minute on the pitch………At the sharp end the BB chip may just have sealed the £200 top prize for ‘Crystal Pellis’, a very tidy additional 29 points opening up a 19 point gap to ‘Witty Name’ who is surely going to have to gamble this weekend to have any chance of stealing the crown… could all come down to captaincy…..time to ditch the Haaland strategy????

In the £50 May stakes, ‘Tis is Howe we do it’ have played the classic monthly strategy, wildcard last GW of April, Triple Captain first GW of May (128 points), and Bench Boost second GW of May (144 points)……….surely they are unstoppable in their quest for May victory???

In the Evie Dove Foundation Cup, two tumultuous semi finals played out, in the first fixture between ‘Didiier Dshamps’ and outsiders ‘Onana what’s my name’,’ Bench Boost’ trumped ‘Triple Captain’………. whilst in the second game triple Man City paid dividends for March winners ‘Dyche Daredevils’, just pipping February winners  ‘Warnocks Warriors’

Which all means a very busy last day for ‘Didier Dshamps’ and ‘Dyche Daredevils’, 7th and 4th in the league respectively so a very outside chance of a league and cup double, good luck to both of you!

So that’s it, the season is almost done……..your deadline today is 14:30…….that’s a long time to keep tweaking those teams!! Thanks again to all of you for getting involved, if you’ve enjoyed it this year sign up for next season is now live on the website

All the best from all of us at the Evie Dove Foundation

PrizePrize FundPointsLeader as at GW37
League Champion£2002507
Crystal Pellis
Witty Name
Warnocks Warriors
The Clattenburg Trophy£752049
Still No Changes
Toffee Drops
Top Gameweek£75155
Jesus Rice’st
Best Free Hit£75147
Sprouts Mexicane
Notorious RBB
***August Winner***£50200The Kante Twins
***September Winner***£50305Vic’s Victors
***October Winner***£50245magical madders
***November Winner***£50185VSquad
***December Winner***£50439Sonny & Schar
***January Winner***£50161Golden Pickles
***February Winner***£50332Warnocks Warriors
***March Winner***£50247Dyche Daredevils
***April Winner***£50432So so soucek it out
***May Winner***£50TBATBA
Most Points Left on Bench‘You’ve had a mare’34The Floppy Stars