Gameweek 5

September is underway and it started with THREE hat tricks (Son, Ferguson and Haaland), and 21,000 fantasy football teams (out of 10 million) had all three in their team – including our very own ‘Can I have Aguerd’ – congratulations, especially on putting Son in the mix, no-one saw that coming!! A massive 107 points was your reward.

Commiserations however to ‘Mo Chance’ who picked Son Hueng Min, and Alfie Haalands Son, but agonisingly went for Jackson (1 point and what a miss) and left Ferguson (17 points and what a prospect) on the bench………………. unlucky Son! 

However, as you will come to realise………. when you’ve had a bad week…….. there is always another team worse off……… and part of the purpose of this newsletter is to find that team…….in a way it’s a bit like therapy……….

Local rivals  ‘Blues gunners’ and ‘Gambos Gunners’ scrapped it out for most dubious decision making of the week, with ‘Blues’ just getting the nod with zero points from a Triple Captain / Vice Captain combo of Grealish (injured) & Arrizabalaga (now playing in Spain)……..this just about trumped ‘Gambo’ who benched Haaland v Fulham and played Nketiah v Man Utd….. please do not ask me to explain………!!

However, pick of the week is ‘Ozy United’, who left an eye watering 28 points on the bench  Ferguson (17), Eze (8), Ederson (3), one more than previous record holder ‘De Bruyne Ultimatum’ in gameweek 2 – ‘Ozy’ I’ll say the same to you as I did to them – “no prize for that one I’m afraid, just the public recognition that in footballing parlance, you’ve ‘had a bit of a mare’………better luck next week ‘Ozy’!”

Also in GW4 we saw 11 wildcards, and 9 triple captains – playing that precious chip in a single gameweek is a big gamble but fair play to the 7 teams that went for Haaland – 60 points is a nice triple captain haul. A special mention in particular for ‘Gus and Bruno FC’ who notched a fantastic 109 points to not only take the early September lead,  and also obliteratubng ‘Dom’s Dynamos’ top gameweek score of 96. I told you it would not last ‘Dom’ but you’ve still got 34 game weeks to have another go!

Also a mention for ‘Only Kruls n Horses’ who surged to the top of the Evie Dove Foundation league on 289 points. It is a cracking score – in the top 17,000 worldwide ………………….. however……….’Krul’ has been  dishing out the chips like Ivan Toney at a roulette table…………… this week’s ‘Triple Captain’ followed hot on the heels of a week one ‘Bench Boost’ and a week two ‘Wildcard’………did your parents not tell you to not spend it all at once??  

So for now ‘Kruls’ has a convincing lead but surely it’s only a matter of time, once the chips dry up, that they are reeled back in………’The Kante Twins’, ‘Gylo’s Galacticos’ and 2023 champion ‘Sonny & Schar’ are all sitting on your shoulder just waiting for a slip up!

We also saw a new Free Hit leader – ‘Pangnation’, ‘Gooners XI’ and the ever mysterious ‘X’ all played this oh so valuable chip, with the enigmatic ‘X’ coming out on top with 74 points, smashing the previous best score of 44 points out of the water.  Well played ‘X’, although once again I’m not sure this score will survive the season!

Meanwhile whilst many of you are throwing chips around with gay abandon, we have a few steady teams who are quietly plotting their way through the season with laser focus on the ‘Clattenburg Trophy’ ………our current leader ‘Draftwin Nunez’ is sitting on very impressive 254 points………… however, just three points separates ‘Are you Shaw?, and ‘’ so the race to do absolutely nothing is on!!!!

So on we go to GameWeek 5………you lot have got a big decision to make this week…….once again 170 of you went for Haaland as captain in GW4…….. however are you going in again in GW5??? Away from home against high flying West Ham looks tricky…………time for a differential captain maybe??………you have until 11:00 on Saturday 16th September to decide!

Good luck everyone,  and all the best from all of us at the Evie Dove Foundation. 

PrizePrize FundPointsLeader as at GW4
League Champion£200289Only Kruls n Horses
***August Winner***£50200The Kante Twins
September Leader£50109Gus and Bruno FC
Best Free Hit£7574X
The Clattenburg Trophy£75254Draftwin Nunez
Top Gameweek£75109Gus and Bruno FC
Most Points Left on Bench‘You’ve had a mare’28Ozy United