Gameweek 7

Well I asked for a big gameweek and we got it!!! Highest GW scores, sending offs, minus points, eight goal matches, Clattenburg defectors, and an almighty tussle for the ‘You’ve had a mare’ title……….right here goes!!

Let’s start with the big news………we have a new HIGHEST GAMEWEEK SCORE OF THE SEASON in the Evie Dove Foundation League!!!………

………….Step aside ‘Gus and Bruno FC’ because in Gameweek 6  ‘Hakuna Mateta’ saw your 109 points, and raised you an incredible 110 points, powered by Leno (10), Trippier (18), Botman (12), Jensen (9), Saka (13), Maddison (9), Salah (10), Watkins (9), and of course captain Haaland (12) – what a team!!!!!!!!

Not only does ‘Hakuna’ take the lead in the race for the £75 prize for top gameweek score, they are also the front runner for the £50 September prize……….with just one gameweek to go here is your top ten……..gonna be a very tense week / weekend for a number of you!!!!

We also saw some very significant moves in the quest for ‘The Clattenburg Trophy’ with ‘Syrup FC’ leaping to the top of the pile with an amazing GW score of 100 points, putting them on 397 points overall, only seven points behind ‘Only Kruls n Horses’ who retained their overall lead on 404 points………..however they are definitely coming back to the pack now the chips have dried up!! 

In another fascinating move, one time ‘Clattenburg’ front runner ‘Are you Shaw?’ decided that enough is enough and MADE A TRANSFER!!!!………. ducking out of the £75 race to enter the £200 race…….strong move………..the irony of  Shaw getting the chop, and Cash replacing him was not lost on me!!

Meanwhile……a question……..did anyone else look at their points at around 16:00 on Sunday and think ‘ooh, I think I’ve done quite well this week’…….completely forgetting that we still had Sheffield Utd v Newcastle to go? Or was that just me?! 

Anyway, what a turn up for the books that game was with 8 different goalscorers pitching in for Newcastle, a points bonanza with Anthony Gordon delivering an annoying handball, and an annoyingly good goal and all round performance, whilst Tripper returned to his 22/23 vintage, an assist and bonus points machine. Is he now indispensable once again, exactly as he was last season??……… 

To make me feel better about missing out on the Newcastle points, I checked in on ‘Tis is Howe we do it’, formerly known as “Toon Army’ a team with a history of defying their team name when big Newcastle hauls come along……….. and satisfyingly there it was……….11 players on the pitch, no Newcastle players, Sven Botman’s 12 points sat firmly on the bench……….will you never learn??!………….At least ‘Howe About it’ got the memo, snaffling a very nice 24 points from Trippier and Wilson!

As for captains, all those Maddison and Son armbands from GW5 shifted quickly back to Haaland in GW6 – a new record 181 teams went with the Norwegian, including 5 triple captains, and of course he delivered a boringly predictable 12 points, slowed down slightly by Man City going down to 10 men following Rodrigo’s sending off……..never was the team name ‘Rodri, You Plonker’ more apt……A MINUS two points that was also matched by Gusto (also sent off) and Romero (own goal and yellow card)….. Spare a thought for ‘The Sweeney’ who had all three of them, albeit fortunately had the foresight to bench Romero!!!!

And finally talking of the bench, and rounding off a gameweek of record scores, we saw a monumental battle between ‘Golden Pickles’ and ‘Jesus Rice’st’ both vying for the ‘You’ve had a mare’ title……………in the end it was ‘Jesus’ who came out on top with a massive 31 points left on the bench, the hall of shame comprised of Pope (6), Burn (12), Diop (6), Bowen (7), just pipping ‘Pickles’ 30 points…….. both teams making ‘Ozy Uniteds’ previous high score of 28 points look almost pitiful in comparison! 

So that’s it.  Take a deep breath and start again…………….Good luck to all of you in contention for the big September £50 bonanza, it’s going to be very very close, and don’t forget…….you’ve all got chips to play – triple captain, free hit, bench boost – this might be the time to use one if you are in contention??? Also we’ve got our first double gameweek of the season – that means that if you pick either a Luton or Burnley player they get two bites of the cherry……anyone brave enough to field a player from two teams with two points between them????……..We shall see!!!!

Have a good one, and all the best from all of us at the Evie Dove Foundation

PrizePrize FundPointsLeader as at GW6
League Champion£200404Only Kruls n Horses
The Clattenburg Trophy£75398Syrup F.C
Top Gameweek£75110Hakuna Mateta
Best Free Hit£7574X
***August Winner***£50200The Kante Twins
September Leader£50232Hakuna Mateta
Most Points Left on Bench‘You’ve had a mare’31Jesus Rice’st