We are delighted to start featuring some special handpicked products, our aim is to spread the word about our work and so we only add a small “mark up” on the cost price of official TEDF merchandise, with all proceeds going directly to the Foundation. We are also doing our very best to ensure any products featured have really sustainable credentials, made from recycled products and, wherever possible, limit the use of unnecessary packaging and plastics.

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So on sale now …. our super cute canine bandannas (they may also fit a large cat or a small Llama!). We had these made especially for The Big Coastal Walk, however we are sure your pooch will love rocking the TEDF brand in style on many other occassions!

We also feature our very special Evie Dove Lipstick range, made exclusively by the fantastic Code 8, who are kindly donating 20% of the profits from all sales to the Foundation. You can grab yours right here.

We have a lovely range of soft cotton T-Shirts sporting the TEDF logo and some of Evie’s favourite catch phrases – such as “You Do You” and “Will do Boss” … we just love these for many reasons and they are comfy, easy to wash, iron and of course help us get the word out there so the more people that wear them with pride the better!

Thank you for taking a look and if you have any ideas of lovely gifts, treats and products that we should add to our Shop then please do get in touch with us on Happy shopping!