Ali Pritchard

Please briefly describe your clinical/medical experience to date?

Registered Children’s nurse. 6 years experience as a staff nurse working in a variety of wards, now I’m a Deputy Sister in a Paediatric Critical Care as of October 2023.

What motivated you to enter paediatric care in the first place?

I have 3 disabled siblings who I cared for as I grew up. Working in Peadatric care seemed a natural step from this experience.

How will the funding from The Evie Dove Foundation help you to advance your career and your impact/services to children?

I will be using the funding to gain knowledge and skills in education, mentorship, leadership and resuscitation which I will use to teach on the resuscitation courses around the U.K., support junior colleagues in their learning and development and deliver sessions on the level 3 critical care course at Oxford.

How did you find out about The Evie Dove Foundation?

From the paediatric education matron at Oxford.

Tell us about yourself!

I live in Bicester. I regularly attend the gym, read and cook. I regularly go to the theatre and love to dance and sing in my free time.I love music and languages; I currently play the guitar and would like to learn to play the piano and speak Cantonese. I used to play American football and worked with the team to achieve gold in the regional competition. I love to travel and I am hoping to go to Greece with my girlfriend to learn about Greek mythology for my 30th birthday this year.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your experience, future aspirations and motivations?

I hope to become an Advance Nurse Care Practitioner within the next 5 years, delivering critical interventions and safe transfer of unwell children from local hospitals to regional PICU’s.