Daniela Kahn Santoro

Please briefly describe your clinical/medical experience to date?

I am a paediatrician with a focus on allergies. I’ve had the opportunity to work extensively in high complexity hospitals in the UK and in South America. I took an interest in paediatric allergy after qualifying as a paediatrician and now I am completing a Masters in Allergy at Imperial College London.

What motivated you to enter paediatric care in the first place?

I have always known I wanted to become a paediatrician, even before I started my medical training. I believe there is something special about working with children that resonated with me, and that has kept me motivated to keep learning and improving my medical expertise. Paediatrics has always felt like the perfect fit for me, both in terms of the approach to the clinical practice and to the relation with patients. I have learnt that rigorous medical practices are as important as maintaining empathy and connection with patients and their families to understand their stories.

How will the funding from The Evie Dove Foundation help you to advance your career and your impact/services to children?

The funding from The Evie Dove Foundation will be instrumental in furthering my career by helping me to cover the last years of tuition fees for my Master’s program in allergy at Imperial College London. This course has been crucial in expanding my expertise in managing allergic conditions in paediatric patients, to ultimately enhance their quality of life and well-being.

How did you find out about The Evie Dove Foundation?

I discovered The Evie Dove Foundation through recommendations from friends and colleagues within the paediatric field.

Tell us about yourself!

I live in central London with my husband. I love the city and all it has to offer, particularly enjoying the endless restaurants. I recently found a new love for running in the park and listening to podcasts. I love travelling, and I take every opportunity to visit somewhere new and learn about their culture, their history and especially their food. When at home I like to put on comfy clothes and read or watch thrillers.