Grace Moriarty

Please briefly describe your clinical/medical experience to date?

I currently work as a Fetal and Paediatric Cardiology Clinical Nurse Specialist at Evelina London. I have been a qualified nurse for 8 years now and have worked in Paediatric Cardiology for 5 of those years.

What motivated you to enter paediatric care in the first place?

I have always loved working the children and their families, I love the resilience that children have and couldn’t imagine nursing another patient group. I have also always been interested in midwifery. So my current job combining both Fetal and paediatric cardiology allows me to simultaneously care for both sets of patients

How will the funding from The Evie Dove Foundation help you to advance your career and your impact/services to children?

The foundation will enable me to complete and MSc that otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to do as there was no funding options available to me via the trust. The MSc will allow me to progress in my own career but also provide me with the skills to lead service improvement projects and ultimately the patient experience

How did you find out about The Evie Dove Foundation?

Education team at Evelina London

Tell us about yourself!

I live in Hertfordshire with my husband. We have very recently got married (3 weeks ago)!

Anything else you would like to tell us about your experience, future aspirations and motivations?

I would love to work towards a band 8 nursing position in the future and I’m passionate about service improvement