Natasha Gray

Please briefly describe your clinical/medical experience to date?

Paediatric nurse since 2013. Once qualified worked as a paediatric nurse/sister on PICU then a general paediatric ward. Since this, I have specialised as a paediatric diabetes nurse for the last year and a half.

I have always wanted to work with children and feel I have the skills to communicate with them on their level and are able to easily develop good relationships with them. I wanted to be in a job role where I could help children and their families who are unwell and give them a positive experience where they feel they are advocated for and supported physically with their health but also emotionally.

How will the funding from The Evie Dove Foundation help you to advance your career and your impact/services to children?

Diabetes in children is constantly changing and the skills and knowledge I will gain from this course will enable me to use this up to date evidence to be able to improve my knowledge and skills and consequently, improve the care the children under our hospital receive. This will improve their outcomes and will also give them the knowledge and skills to manage their diabetes effectively.

How did you find out about The Evie Dove Foundation?

From a colleague who heard about the foundation.

Tell us about yourself!

I live in Stockport with my partner and 2 dogs Walter and Cassie. In my spare time I enjoy socialising, eating good food and spending time with my friends, family and my dogs.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your experience, future aspirations and motivations?

Going forward I am keen to deliver the highest level of care to children and their families and aim to do this by keeping my skills and knowledge up to date. I hope to become a nurse prescriber and attend future courses and study days to achieve this.