Sarah Monks

Please briefly describe your clinical/medical experience to date?

I qualified as an OT in 2004. I have experience working within an adults in an intermediate care team and working with children. I joined the children and young persons therapy team in 2016.

What motivated you to enter paediatric medical care in the first place?

My sister has a complex disability and I have always wanted to be an OT for as long as I remember after being inspired by her OT!

How will the funding from The Evie Dove Foundation help you to advance your career and your impact/services to children?

I see many children within our early intervention service who have feeding difficulties, either due to a physical problem or often a sensory problem. Parents always come armed with questions or concerns about this yet it is not an area we would necessary cover within our service. Attending the SOS feeding course will enable me to provide the right advice for these children. As a parent its natural to be concerned about your child’s feeding and hopefully I will be able to provide them with some reassurance.

How did you find out about The Evie Dove Foundation?

We were told about the Evie Dove foundation by our management team who have encouraged us to apply if there is a course we feel passionate about.

Tell us about yourself!

I live in Ashford, with my husband and three teenager daughters. When I am not at work, or tidying up after the four of them at home then enjoy being out and about with them. We love trips to London, or visiting the beach locally for a walk. I am a member of a Beginners 2 Runners and now love running (albeit slowly!!) which is a great de-stress from work!